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in Riga: Marijas str. 14A, Terbatas str. 38, Gertrudes str. 16

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HUMANA LATVIA has been representing the internationally renowned chain of stores HUMANA already for more than 15 years, offering cheap but stylish and high-quality clothing to customers of all ages. The popularity of used clothing stores is growing every year for several reasons. When shopping in HUMANA stores, you will be pleasantly surprised by the price-benefit ratio. In addition, the purchase of used clothing helps to protect the environment, so we are glad that our regular customers consider our stores to be a symbol of sustainable, ecological consumption and a “greener” life.
We offer our customers a very wide range of goods, filling the store shelves with modern and seasonal clothing, footwear, accessories and textiles every day. The staff of the store will kindly and responsively help you find what you are looking for, so that every customer will be satisfied with the service received and happy with the purchase.
Our 24 stores are divided into 2 categories that operate in different cycles:

  • 5-week cycle stores HUMANA are located only in Riga, and they have a really wide range of products rich in well-known brands. In these stores, unsold items are completely removed from store shelves every five weeks and replaced with a new collection;
  • HUMANA 2-week cycle stores, 4 of which operate in Riga, and the rest in the largest cities in the regions of Latvia. Also in these stores you can find quality clothes, the collections change completely every two weeks, moreover, the prices are especially friendly – each item of the new collection does not exceed 6 EUR on the first day.

You are also welcome to buy “pearls” of vintage clothing in one of the 3 HUMANA VINTAGE stores in Riga, which has become a very popular shopping place for young people, stylists and many other customers from all over the world. These stores operate on a 5-week cycle and offer a wide range of vintage-style clothing, footwear, accessories and textiles. "A real vintage paradise" - this saying accurately describes the atmosphere in these stores, full of pearl-finders` joy.
We are pleased to offer not only modern and exclusive clothing at affordable prices, creating opportunities for our customers to save money, but also to promote the decrease of environmental pollution and support environmentally friendly ideas. More and more people want to give a second chance for second-hand and vintage clothing, and we are delighted to be able to support this wish. Your purchases in HUMANA and HUMANA VINTAGE stores provide an opportunity to raise funds for various charity projects. You can find out more about it here:
Let's give new life to used clothes, while loving fashion and protecting nature! See you at HUMANA and HUMANA VINTAGE stores!

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